5 Things to Consider in Hiring Your Next Employee

Hiring employees can either make or break a business. Contrary to popular belief, this is a difficult task even in the salon industry. To guide you in your search for the perfect employee, we have rounded up 5 tips to help you out!



  1. Salon Image 

Your salon image sets the tone and theme you would like to project to your audience. It is a must that you hire the right people with parallel interests, creativeness, and style. Look into the passion of your applicants. You have to hire people who can relate well to your potential customers.



  1. Qualifications

This is a given factor. Their education and ensuring they have updated information and skills is something that you would have to look into as a salon owner. Your salon job opening can be attractive to fresh college graduates who require minimal salary and this can be tempting. However, you would have to spend ample time training them further and supervising them which can be time consuming compared to hiring a slightly expensive veteran.


  1. Personality

Someone polite, bubbly, and engaging is a perfect fit for your salon. Someone who can carry out a sound conversation with your customers is gold. Also, you should hire a person who can jive well with your existing staff. They should be a perfect mix of talent and camaraderie as a unit. The person that you should hire should also be considerate and discreet about the issues they were confided with whether by the staff or the client.



  1. Previous Work

During the application process, as a salon owner, you should require your applicants to show their portfolio of work they have carried out during their career. With this, you are given a clear view of what they are capable of doing. It also pays to check if they have any bad history from their previous work.



  1. Career Goals

The question “how do you see yourself 5 years from now?” is very important to throw during job interviews. Their response will give you a clear view on how they will carry out their responsibilities as your employee. You can also determine which career path they will be taking: will they leave soon to pursue their education or will they step up the ladder and aim for promotion?



Employees should be properly screened during the application process. This also eliminates the possibility of them leaving early. The wrong employee can affect your customers’ experience and this is something that you would not want to happen. What we presented to you are just guidelines which can go a long way. Good luck and hire the right one!






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