5 Sure-Fire Ways to Revamp Your Salon Menu

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Revamp Your Salon Menu

Your salon price list is a marketing tool in itself. Distributing it to potential clients is a make or break moment for your business. Interesting visuals attracts curiosity while the old, boring ones tend to be overlooked. Now, if you have been handing out that usual menu for 3 years, it’s time to change it to something appealing! Make it work for you by bringing in more customers!
How do you do this? Here are 5 tips that might help you out:
Be Wary of Your Wordings

Avoid stiff words that might make your salon sound rigid. Remember that you are in a business that promotes wellness and relaxation. Your customers sure wouldn’t like to be limited with whatever choices they might be making regarding your services. Words such as “Price List” might sound too strong and not very flexible. Try a heading that says “Salon Menu” or “Salon Services Guide”. They are friendlier and pretty much welcomes variation.

The Numbers Game

The psychology in pricing is something worth mastering when you are running a business. Studies show that the simpler your price looks, the better. Avoid bigger fonts on your number! If your price looks visually smaller, your potential customers will associate it to a lower amount. You also need to use amounts that are shorter in syllable. If consumers would use a larger thought into reading a price, they will falsely conclude that what they are paying for is larger. Take $27.72 as an example compared to $28.05. The first amount, although cheaper, sounded more expensive.
If you have a service that would need a comma on the price (e.g. 1,500), it is better to drop the comma. The punctuation will make your pricing look costly, visually. When they read $1,500 it also takes up too many syllables (one thousand, five hundred dollars) compared to $1500 (fifteen hundred).

Minus 1

Charm pricing, simply put, is the “.99” and “.9” price technique you see on business establishments. Consumer psychology shows that this is more effective when you subtract 1 to the left-most digit. For example, a one-cent difference between $3.80 and $3.79 won’t matter. However, a one-cent difference between $3.00 and $2.99 will make a huge impact.

Words are Cheap

Remember to be clear and straight to the point in your menu. Spot on description sells! Avoid flowery words that, most of the time, cannot be understood by your customers. Jargons are also a no-no! Instead of saying “Technical Services”, why not use the plain ‘ol “Coloring Services” so that we’re clear?

Visuals are Everything!

Place your most profitable service on the upper right-hand part of the page. According to studies, readers tend to look at this part first. Have this highlighted in a box and have a lot of white surrounding it. Make sure you don’t waste this space by placing a common service. Have something here that can increase your returns.

A huge part of running a business is knowing the most effective and efficient marketing strategy. Sure, your Salon Menu may be a small part of your overall establishment but this might make the change that will push you towards success. Work on it!

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