SalonPro Professional LED Circular Light Magnifying Lamp Facial Spa Treatment

SalonPro Professional LED Circular Light Magnifying Lamp Facial Spa Treatment

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This gadget brings you 5X closer to hair and skin health, letting you find even the finest details.

It's not just a tool - it's your secret weapon to tailor a unique, pampering experience for your clients.

Purchase a whole new area of precision, customer delight, and reputation.


  • 5X Zoom Factor: See the hidden secrets of your customers’ skin and hair with the mirror's 5X magnification.
  • Dual Soft Illumination: With a sum total of 14 Watts, our mirror's two soft lights ensure skin and hair are seen in their natural hues. 
  • 360 Degree Rotation & 180 Degree Flip: it isn't just static. It swivels a full circle and flips 180 degrees up and down for a complete view.
  • Fully Adjustable: Enjoy the convenience of adjusting the height and arm to get the magnification exactly where you want it.


  • Smooth Mobility: Our mirror's base has 5 swivel casters, making it a breeze to move around.
  • Stable and Balanced: The base is not only weighted but also sturdy, ensuring balance while you operate or move it. 
  • Shape of the mirror: Circular

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