How to Sell Retail in Your Salon

How to Sell Retail in Your Salon


While it is true that a salon is a personal care service business, you can actually dramatically increase your profit by also selling retail. According to studies, it has been proven that client retention reaches 30% every time you have convinced someone to purchase a product. Most likely, your customers will come back for more products from your line, or simply a refill.

However, selling retail is a talent not everyone can master quickly. If you are fresh on the industry and is still at the dark on how to execute the perfect sales move without sounding too eager or pushy, fret not, we’re here to help. Read on…

Prepare which product you will pitch

Offering a number of products to your customers with hopes to increase the chance to sell is actually a bad idea. The best way to go about this is choosing 4 from your line that you use with your clients the most. These products should be an answer to different needs. Do not offer 4 different brands or kinds of mousse!

Place your 4 products on the counter or somewhere the clients can see. Have the labels facing the public and see to it that the products do not catch unnecessary dirt. Make it as presentable as possible!

Be the expert


Consult your clients and throw in discovery questions to uncover needs. Ask them casually what they like most about their hair and, also, what they like least. You can also inquire for specific problems and provide quality advice. Remember that you are the professional that they have been waiting for to help them. Speak up and suggest a good product that they can use to clear them out of their concerns.

Give your client a walkthrough

Communicate with your client throughout the experience. Remember that they are there because they have something that they needed fixed. Here’s a pro-tip: if your customer mentioned a problem, repeat the concern back to them before you give any solution. Paraphrasing is a good way to show them that you are listening and would make them share more. Also, be open on what product you are using on them and why you are using it. Show them, too, how they can use it at home so they are encouraged and can easily give you their trust. To finish it all off, get them to see the difference and agree with you. You can say something like, “Doesn’t your hair feel so much better after the treatment?”

Add an extreme amount of value

Remember that if your clients leave your salon with a haircut, then you have failed miserably. Instead, have them leave with a hairstyle! Show your customers that you really care by teaching them how to style their hair in at least 3 different ways. Give them pointers on which product to use and the exact instructions on doing it. Tip number 3 goes so well with this one!


After getting your customers excited over the products you have tailored-fit to their needs, closing the sale would be a breeze. Do not be afraid to ask for it! If they said no, it’s not really a failure. Inform your customers kindly that you would record the products you have used on their file so that if they decided to come back and purchase it, they wouldn’t have a hard time guessing which products were used. This way, you shine with professionalism and glimmer with perfect customer service!

These are good ways to offer a product to your beloved customers! Give them a try today and see that following these steps work wonders! Before you know it, you have acquired a new skill! Happy selling!!!

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