How to Find the Best Salon Chairs for Your Salon's Interior Design

Are you upgrading your salon furniture? Make sure your new salon chairs match your updated salon's interior design.

Opening a salon is one of the most exciting times of your styling career. This is your chance to create a space that is entirely your own.

As such, every detail matters.

The catch is, some things have to be put off for a remodel when opening a salon on a tight budget. If you are finally in a place to upgrade your salon's interior design, this is the guide for you.

Check out how to make the most of everything from the salon chairs you buy to how you organize your shampoo and color stations.

Start with the Floor Plan

The floor plan of your salon might have more room to work with than you think.

It's all about understanding the layout and finding unique ways to set everything up. Who knows, you could end up with enough space for an extra working area or a more open, inviting consultation and waiting area.

Strip your salon of all the old furniture you don't want anymore and take a look around.

What would happen if you opened up the whole room and put some shelves in the center of the room? This could make it easy for stylists to guide their guests, and maybe make guests more likely to purchase the products you display.

If you'd rather go for a more luxurious, private setting, that is easy to do as well. Run a shelf or other form of divider along the room.

You can place workstations back to back so that a mirror separates each side. This creates room to segment off the other areas of the salon.

Create a Functional and Fabulous Design

Once you have an idea of where you want all your salon chairs and workstations to go, it's time to make everything come to life.

Placement is just the foundation of interior design. What really makes or breaks the salon environment you want to create is how each section comes together.

Let's take a look at each part of the salon separately to better understand its design purpose.

The Welcome Area

All of your clients come to the salon for one thing: to take care of themselves.

These are men and women who want to step back from their day-to-day for a little bit of relaxation. Maybe they've been putting off that trim their hair really needs or they have a special event coming up.

Either way, the welcome area is where they drop everything at the door and begin their pampering experience.

Make it a place that encourages clients to settle in. Invest in comfortable couches and chairs and use the natural light available to you.

Set up your seating in a way that makes the reception area feel approachable. This opens the opportunity for better communication between your stylists and the people they have appointments with.

Workstation Seating

After leaving the waiting area, the next stop for guests is their stylist's workstation.

This is where it's worth investing in top-quality salon chairs.

The workstation is where clients spend the most amount of time while visiting the salon. Not to mention, the time can easily add up.

Between a cut and color or special hair treatments, guests end up spending hours at a time sitting in salon chairs. This makes it your responsibility to provide them with the most comfortable seating possible.

You can choose to do so with small and sleek chairs or bigger, more spacious seating. Be mindful of the base and the leg support as you decide on chairs, too.

The sleek chairs work well in salons where workstations are right next to each other. The wider ones are more suited for that luxury experience that becomes available when you have more room to work with.

Shampoo Stations

As you're going through these options, don't forget about your shampoo stations.

The salon chairs here are just as important. Opt for the ones that will best pamper your guests and work well in your space.

If you have a small washing area, for example, the biggest chair may not be your best interior design idea. But, there is definitely the right chair out there to fit the parameters and needs of your space.

Always check the depth of the bowl and your ability to adjust it with the chair. Consider how far back you want clients to lay as well, since some shampoo salon chairs will be more upright than others.

Look Up

Just when you think you have all the details ready to show off your salon's design upgrade, take one last look around and remember to look up. Make note of the light fixtures you're using.

Is there a way to create more light in your salon? Do you want to balance the bright workstations with a dimmer, cozier setting in the shampoo and waiting area?

This all comes down to the fixtures and the kinds of bulbs you are using. Explore the options available to you with the help of an interior designer.

Keep in mind your salon's energy bills and environmental footprint as you do so. Some eco-friendly lighting options might seem like more money up front, but they tend to last longer and provide energy saving opportunities.

Whatever you decide, though, do not overlook the importance of lighting.

This is what ties together everything you've been trying to create in your space.

The right lighting invites your clients to settle in, no matter which salon chair they're seated at. It also helps your team of stylists perform just a little bit better day in and day out.

Say Hello to Your New Salon Chairs

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