Exceptional Customer Service: Your Ticket To A Growing Business

A warm, well-disposed welcome, a reviving beverage, and the nearby close-to-home association that a customer feels with a salon: these things are similarly critical in holding your business just as the precision of your client's hairstyle or the element of their hair shading. Customer Satisfaction impacts the client's overall experience, and the salons that convey it with every single client visit help their general deals and additionally customer reliability. When it comes to providing extraordinary customer service at a beauty salon and ensuring customer satisfaction, the management need to keep customers in the center of the business, service standards need to be upgraded ideally every 6 months to ensure better customer experience which in turn would expand the quantity of clients and higher level of client maintenance.


Let’s start off with your salon’s receptionist, your encounter with the customer doesn't start when the treatment or service begins. It starts right when the client walks through the entryway. From that point, your receptionist already sets the tone and vibe that the customer will feel. Aside from offering “Service with a Smile”, part of their job is to ensure that the contact details and personal information given by the customers are updated. The receptionist is also considered to last point of contact since they will be the one handling the payment and follow-up appointments. Therefore, this position must be filled by someone with a customer-first attitude as your receptionist can make or break the business.


Customers would like to take time in getting a spa treatment or a hairstyle. It's not about how much the treatment costs, customers are always after the improvement that the treatment will bring after it's done. Taking this into consideration, make sure to allow ample time and consideration to what your customer wants and needs. Always keep that communication is the key. Whether your customers came to you for a manicure or for changing their hair color, you may want to ask them if they have any picture that they can show of the things that they have in mind to ensure that you would be able to deliver what is expected. In this way, you will be able to earn your customers' trust, this is also good for your business because this would also give you the opportunity to provide better customer service since you already know what the market is looking for. Of course, it is also important for staff to greet their customers with a warm, friendly smile. Smiling at a customer relaxes them, and this ensures them that they are welcomed. It is highly likely for a "walk-in" and scheduled client to come back if they feel welcome and relaxed inside a salon.


The services offered at a salon are extremely personal and require much more consideration and devotion when contrasted with other services. Clients, for the most part, visit the salon to look great and get a relaxing experience after long stretches of work and stress. The environment in the salon must be tranquil, with beautiful interior, delicate music and to a great degree well-mannered staff. Make sure that all things in the salon are perfect and clean. The toilets, treatment areas and the cups and glasses that you serve customers their refreshments in should all be spotless. Beauty stations littered with evidence of the previous customer are unhygienic and can be off-putting to other customers, and you don't need clients criticizing you for having grimy brushes and untidy tables. Everything must sparkle, sorted out and prepared before the client is served. In instances where the client is keen on getting a massage, ensure you have scented candles, clean sheets, and in particular no commotion. Conversations from alternate rooms or staff discussions should not be aggravating the customer. At the same time, your employees should look clean too at all times. Your employees' hygiene and appearance when coming into work is as important as everything else. A stylist who has their underwear hanging out the top of their trousers chipped nail varnish and is chomping away on chewing gum really won't give your clients the impression that you're a professional, cutting-edge salon. A dress code is something you might want to consider to separate your team from the clients.


With regard to managing time to ensure 100% of your customers are serviced, on the off chance that the salon is overbooked or is running late to accommodate an arrangement, make sure to educate your customer ahead of time and offer them with free additional administrations or a discounted rate when they come in next time. Make sure your customers feel that you value them and that they are not treated as another opportunity for business. Be transparent, let your clients know how much time it will take for the hairstyle or facial and make it a point to provide viable service within that time. Let them feel involved, let your customer know what's going on. Tell them why you're carrying out certain procedures, what is coming next and how long they have left especially on treatments where the clients' eyes may be closed or if you are doing something that they cannot see.  It is poor customer service to leave your clients in the dark during intimate treatments, keeping them involved ensures that they remain confident in what you're doing. Try not to be in a rush either, to speedily serve the client and proceed to another one. Each customer is valuable for the business and should be served truly.

Make sure to ask your customer all questions and inquiries that they have, and give them a harsh thought regarding how it will all be done. Remember, your clients must feel great and comfortable while getting the service from your magnificent salon. In providing, excellent customer service. Get all your staff involved in providing exceptional customer service. Ensure that your employees know the standards of customer service that you expect from them. Ensure that all your team follows the same guidelines for how to address customers, how to communicate with them, how to behave within your salon, and how to carry out specific treatments. You want each of your employees to be able to channel their unique personality into their job, but you also want your customers’ experience to be consistent and seamless.  Most often than not, clients prefer their hair being done by their favorite beauticians, however, the case may not always be like that. Training your staff to work to the same high standard reduces the risk of clients going elsewhere after receiving poor service.


The market right now is already filled with beauty salons where customers can easily go to, you have to be very creative in coming up with strategies to stand-out, be known, and attract customers. One good way of doing this is through the aesthetics and tools that you have inside your salon. Invest in comfy salon chairs, top of the line hair dryers, and top hair products to provide top of the line service to your customers. At the same time, take time in learning and being familiar with all the products that you use in your customers. Clients will often ask about the products that you are using on them, or for you to recommend other products based on their hair and skin types or for a particular occasion. You need to know all of the products that your salon uses and sells in order to be able to upsell them to customers. In the beauty industry, not being knowledgeable about your products could lead to a lack of confidence in your skills. Also, focus on small things such as the teacup that you use when serving their coffee or tea and the plate where you put the cookies while they are waiting, these little things are being noticed by your customers as these aesthetics are part of the service that you offer to them.


Another good way of ensuring customer satisfaction is by remembering the details mentioned by your customers when they book for another appointment. If your client is a regular, remembering the colors that they usually go for on their nails, the lengths of the eyelashes that they like or whether they have their hair straightened or curled ensures that you’re prepared and can save time for both you and them. Also, be consistent in all of the procedures being offered by your salon. Having high standards in all the services that you offer is imperative. Offering a multitude of beauty treatments in one place is convenient for a lot of people. Ensure that all of your standards are high across the board to upsell additional services!


Coming up with great perks can also boost customer satisfaction. You can either give out free samples to customers right before they leave the salon, or you can come up with loyalty programs. Perhaps a tenth service could be free, or you could offer a client one of their favorite spa and salon products? Referral programs will also incentivize your customers to bring you new ones. With these kinds of programs, it's important to be as creative as possible and to tailor them to your specific business. You can also offer mini service tryouts to your clients, giving printed service menus to customers encourages them to choose higher-priced options and Let hesitant patrons try out a few face-framing highlights or gold nail art on one finger. These promotions can boost not just customer satisfaction but the salon's sales as well.


There are numerous ways for us to commit mistakes and salons are not an exception. Always expect the unexpected. Whatever the circumstance that arises always remember that the customer is always right and be the first to apologize. When things do go wrong make sure you are the first to simply say we are sorry. A sorry goes a long way. This is a simple way to build a loyal customer. The better person always apologizes first; don’t let your ego get in the way. A Loyal customer is a treasure you should keep, and a loyal customer can only be born through exceptional customer service. Go for the extra mile, smile!

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