6 Numbers You Need to Know to Measure Your Salon’s Success

6 Numbers You Need to Know to Measure Your Salon’s Success

Owning a salon isn’t just about the service. It’s the overall flow of the business. Part of this flow is the numbers that you have to monitor and be aware of to ensure that you are growing as an entity. Success is measurable, thus, here are the things that you have to look out for in your salon business:

Guests per month

This is the most basic, yet the most critical of all the numbers. To set up a goal, you have to know first your current number. Try and observe for a week the daily headcount of people availing your services. Also segregate them based on the services they are getting. When you have the average number of clients weekly, it’s time to set up a goal.

Percent Buying Retail

This shows the number of service clients that are converted into retail clients. The increase in this stats show how talented your staff is at convincing customers and influencing them to buy the products that compliments the service they have taken advantage of.

Average Service Ticket

Average Service Ticket isn’t all about the number of guests coming in your salon and spending. Technically, this is the number of dollars being spent by clients on average on services. You can focus on the current guests you have and find ways for them to spend more through additional services.

Average Retail Ticket

The commitment of your staff and their expertise (as mentioned on Percent Buying Retail) in converting service customers into buying products is measured here. This elevates your revenue and how the clients view your staff as beauty experts by taking their advice on which product to use.


Booking someone in advance is a smart way to organize your schedule. This is oftentimes neglected by salon owners. Even if only one client is booked on that day, it is helpful to list them and know they are listed so the sense of commitment is there.


Although this is a long-time statistic and can take months before you acquire the numbers, this is vital in viewing your salon’s performance. This number shows how many clients have come and come back in a period of time. With this, you can cook ways to retain brand loyalty through exclusive perks and discounts.

If you have not looked into these numbers yet, as a salon owner, it’s time you acquaint yourself with it. Know you numbers so you can improve it or retain it based on your need.

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