10 of the Top Wolf Cut Hairstyles Paired with 10 Top Color Trends for 2023 

10 of the Top Wolf Cut Hairstyles Paired with 10 Top Color Trends for 2023

This ever so fairytale meets rock god hairstyle of your dreams is nothing short of fantasy played out in tousled waves mixed with very short and very long layers.

There are so many beautiful, nuanced pieces to this cut. But it might be the intense face framing that grazes the corners of your eyes, upper cheek bones, cheeks, chin and neck all the way down past your collarbone –that makes the Wolf Cut style just drip with delicate framing suitable for all face shapes.

Are you ready? Before you dive into your stylist's chair, we are here to answer a few common questions about the Wolf Cut, then supply you with trending hair colors meant to create a perfect match with this cut style.

What is the Wolf Cut

It’s a combination of a soft, blended shag meets 80’s hair band mullet to create the most interesting and versatile hairstyle around.

Celebrities like Jenna Ortega from the Netflix top pick Wednesday recently upgraded to a shoulder length, chocolaty Wolf Cut with a curtain bang fringe for a softer take on the trend. Billie Eilish debuted a raw platinum Wolf Cut a couple years ago, and then there are recent celebrity embellishments of the Wolf Cut coming from Doja Cat, Halsey, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, and JLo, just to name a few.

How to Get a Wolf Cut

Surprisingly or not, the Wolf Cut is a trend most hair cutting specialists know how to do.

It consists of a hybrid blend of soft shag and rock layers edged out in a variety of ways. Some will be long Wolf Cuts with thick bitty bangs. Others will be short and sweet Wolf Cuts with a longer bang, but say it’s a razored take on the Wolf Cut trend, then it’s sleek and wispy. Then there's the beautiful wavy to curly style that incorporates natural or manual curls and waves that gorgeously bounce with effortless ease around the face.

Ask your stylist for short, blended shag-like layers and the bang of your choice (curtain bang, thick bang that slightly splits in the middle, or bitty bangs with lots of texture). The key to this cut is to have shorter layers especially in front of the ears with lots of textured layers.

How Much do Wolf Cuts Cost

The cost of cuts largely has to do with the location and expertise of the stylist. But the Wolf Cut is an involved cut that requires skill to create.

When looking for something specialized, it’s important to check instagram profiles as visual portfolios to make sure you’re with an artist who creates the Wolf Cut look.

An average cost in a larger city would be $80-$125, while in smaller cities it may range from $55-$75.

Top 10 Wolf Cuts and Top 10 Hair Color Trends for 2023

Compliment any Wolf Cut with an equally thrilling and gorgeous color trend in 2023.

1. The Curtain Bang Wolf Cut + Matcha Inspired Green Color Wolf Cut by @Spellbound_manes Color by @k.szymoniakart

Matcha is a potent Green tea that’s delicious, but delivers an even more invigorating experience when its muted green color is contrasted on dark hair. The edgy matcha, dusty green hues balayaged throughout the chunky layers of a long layered Wolf Cut embellish the look with a fun and edgy appeal.

2. The Edgy Wolf Cut on a Double Process Solid Blonde Photo and Hair by @Joeltorresstyle

When done on a mid length, layered and naturally wavy double process blonde, the Wolf Cut becomes an ethereal experience that almost tells a fairytale. It’s a beautiful debut that sets you apart, but it does require a lot of upkeep to maintain the layers and the color of this look.

3. The Lived In Wolf Cut + Lived in Balayage Wolf Cut by @Anhcotran Color by @babehairxo

The father of the modern, lived-in haircut also does Wolf Cuts, and they are utterly gorgeous. Hairstylist @Anhcotran debuts the lived-in look that makes the edgy Wolf Cut cross into a more casual and effortless genre. We think this lived-in cut pairs well with a gorgeous lived-in balayage with warm tones by @babehairxo.

4. Long Wolf Cut + Peach Color Wolf Cut by @brianacisneros Color by @bel_pipsqueekinsaigon

Pastel or fruit-colored Peach dyed over blonde highlights displays warm, vibrant passion in a look that inspires. Pairing this color with a shag-inspired Wolf cut on long hair is stunning. @bel_pipsqueekinsaigon evokes jaw-dropping pastels inspired by the sunset, including a peach do on a long haired Australian beauty. Imagine this color paired with a longer, layer Wolf Cut like this one featured by @bianacisneros.

5. Wolf Cut + Solid Copper Orange Color Wolf Cut by @Brianacisneros Color by @bel_pipsqueekinsaigon

Bronze copper, pale orange copper and orange copper are all in. These solid blocks of warm hues and vibrant tang may leave you dreaming of citrus, but feeling like fire. Paired with a softer take on the Wolf Cut where the layers aren’t cut quite as short on the top, and you’ve got yourself the perfect blend of edgy shag and vibrant sun.

6. The Disconnected Wolf Cut + Dusty Lavender Color Wolf Cut by @jay_r_826 with @a.salon Color by @laila.wella

The disconnected Wolf Cut plus this gorgeous color can be thought of as a pop-punk story beginning with dusty lavender roots and ending the saga with wild long, razored layers. There’s more space/length between the shortest layers and the long tendrils that cross over the borders of the shoulders, giving off an edgy punk vibe that is Misfits approved.

7. Mid-Length Wolf Cut + Chocolate Locks with Silver Tinseled Highlights Wolf Cut by @spellbound_manes Color by @coloredbycaitlin

Warm Chocolate browns are in for 2023. Highlighted with cool-toned, baby lights that show up as shimmering highlights, this color is reviving the dusty brunettes from 2022. When chocolate brown is gently lightened with cool toned blonde and you add in a mid length, short bang Wolf Cut, will they even recognize you? It’s absolutely stunning for anyone wanting a change that elevates their style.

8. Curly Wolf Cut + Soft Blonde Balayage Curly Wolf Cut by @spellbound_manes Color by @babehairxo

Delicate, blonde balayage is still here to stay and for good reason. Brightening up the hair in a sunkissed way makes people feel fresh and on point, especially when there’s natural wave/curl in the hair. Partner a natural looking balayage and a long Wolf Cut for the cutest boho look.

9. The Korean Wolf Cut + Sleek Solid Dark Hair Color Look by @hakua_psychopath

Solid colors haven’t overtaken balayage …yet. But they still hold a solid place of classic, confident beauty. Just look at hairstyles with solid blonde, brunette, red or black throughout the decades. They alway look good and never make us question why that trend had to happen. Solid colors pair well with the Korean Style Wolf Cut, for a beautiful, serene look carrying whispers of a dark side.

10. Edgy Piecey Wolf Cut + Warm Honey Blonde Color Edgy Wolf Cut by @spellboun_manes Color by @babehairxo

Warm blondes are about to take stage with 2023’s confident directing. There’s no better time to feel bright and bold with the warm hue of a balayage or foil-highlighted honey blonde. Pair this warm honey blonde look with a shorter to mid-length Wolf Cut that leaves people wondering just how sweet you really are.

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